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The Castle

Not so long ago, and in a world quite like our own, there stood a kingdom more vast than all the oceans put together. This kingdom was a magical place; a sanctuary for all those within its borders, and it was run by a court of powerful Queens...

They had come from all walks of life; some running from certain ruin, and others simply looking for a place they could call home. Together, the Queens decided to pool their wide array of abilities to create this magical kingdom for themselves. It wasn’t long before they opened their gates to Queens from far-off kingdoms, offering a place of safety and happiness to all those who promised to uphold the same for their fellow Queen. These Queens ruled together, laughed together, grew together- and now they open their gates once more, to you.

Welcome, fair traveller, to our kingdom of Queen Beat!

The Queens

hellobelle.indd - lead editor, webdesigner
The Prophet - article writer, author, doodler, editor
ozu - doodler
master bully rabies - illustrator, designer
Bulma - contributor
VanillaDad - illustrator
Kway - contributor, lolita queen
Matchi - article writer, webdesigner
Hildegard - contributor
alleged thot - contributor
chi - contributor
tsunbun - contributor
cutespiracy - contributor
Susan - contributor

Thank you every last one of you for all you've contributed to the zine! Each and everyone of you have made this extra special. ♥